Welcome to Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is known as the “Cradle of History of the United States” and the heart of New England. It was here that the pilgrims first came to America in 1620 and since then, the legacy of the state has been created and cemented by colonialists, sailors, immigrants, and business leaders.

Located in the northeastern region of the United States, Massachusetts extends from the tip of Cape Cod in the Atlantic Ocean, to the Berkshire Mountains, on the border with the state of New York. It is a state rich in cultural attractions, festivals, activities, arts, outdoor recreation, and sightseeing. A place where the sea and mountain peaks are close and the contrasts are everywhere, from the city of Boston to sandy beaches, rolling hills, enchanting islands, and small and dynamic communities.

It is very easy to get to Massachusetts. Logan International Airport in Boston is the state’s main airport and offers the shortest transatlantic flight from Europe to the United States. Logan Airport offers direct flights starting from 37 international destinations every day, and its new international terminal is a few minutes from the center, allowing easy access to all arriving passengers.

Boston is the largest city in the region and the capital of Massachusetts, and has benefited from its multicultural impulse for centuries. Today, it is the social, economic and cultural center of New England. It is a beautiful and compact city where it’s easy to move; its historical, architectural and cultural riches are incomparable.

As you explore Massachusetts, take the time to visit Plimoth Patuxet, where the first Europeans came to settle in New England. Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston – a 4-kilometer-long brick path that shows the rich history of the American Revolution. Visit the sites of the battles of Lexington and Concord, which occurred during the revolution. See the North Shore, with its old and picturesque harbors. Explore cities like Lowell and Worcester, which have historic sites and museums that tell the story of the transition of the United States to an industrial society.

If you want to shop, Massachusetts has a huge variety of stores. You can find many well-known international brands in Boston, or you can travel to small towns for local shops. If you are looking for special items created by artisans from Massachusetts, there are galleries and artists’ studios throughout the state.

Massachusetts has wonderful restaurants. The coastal seafood markets offer fresh lobsters and other shellfish. Massachusetts is also home to local vineyards and breweries, plus hundreds of farms where you can pick what you want and create special memories.

There are also many outdoor activities throughout the state. Go on a whale watch tour to see the amazing humpback or sperm whales that inhabit the waters of Massachusetts every summer. If you are looking for rest, enjoy the tranquility and the cultural charm of Berkshire Mountains in the west, where world-class spas are revitalizing, and enchanting landscapes provide the perfect place.

Massachusetts will offer you a range of activities during your stay. Whether you decide to explore the streets of our cities and our countryside, hope to welcome you and we hope that your visit is wonderful.


Monthly average temperatures range from Boston -2º C in January to 22 C in July. Massachusetts has four distinct seasons – autumn, when the leaves change to vibrant colors throughout the state. The winters are sunny, and the snow makes for great skiing or snowboarding. Spring offers a great climate for flowers, and the summers are hot and perfect for spending long days on the beach.

For information on travel requirements, visit: www.dhs.gov .