The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a long-standing tradition of taking steps to preserve the environment – for our residents, for future generations, and for you, our visitors. And we’re continually expanding our environmental efforts by taking advantage of new, innovative technologies – many developed in Massachusetts.

When you visit Massachusetts, you’ll see solar arrays and wind turbines – evidence of renewable energy programs at work. You’ll discover our hotels and restaurants are making determined efforts to reduce energy, water, and waste and to provide a healthy environment for guests and employees. Our chefs are teaming up with local farmers to present delicious locally-sourced meals. And the Natural Resources Defense Council recently named Boston as the top green city on the East Coast.

An array of public and private transportation options means you can go car-free in Boston and several other areas of the state. Bike trails and dedicated bike lanes make it easy to pedal around.

And thanks to land and wildlife conservation efforts, you’ll find lots of opportunities to enjoy great landscapes; view wildlife; and hike, bike, and paddle through the countryside, along the coast, and in urban areas.

While you’re here, we’ve got places you can go to see some of our environmental programs in action. Plus fun green activities and tips on what you can do to be a green traveler.

So, here are some ideas to get you started on your next Massachusetts green getaway.