Journey Along
The Massachusetts
Lighthouse Trail

Massachusetts Wander

Since the 1700s, lighthouses have captured our imagination with tales of seafaring and adventure. Massachusetts is home to the first lighthouse in the U.S. Over 45 lighthouses still grace our coastlines, rocky cliffs, and sandy beaches. Today, you can marvel at these picturesque beauties along our scenic coast on the Massachusetts Lighthouse Trail. From Cape Ann in North of Boston to Cape Cod and the Islands, travelers can explore coastal communities, the maritime history of the Commonwealth, and discover these breathtaking gems of beauty. To help you plan your journey, here are some of our most notable and accessible lighthouses in the Bay State.

Greater Boston & South of Boston

Starting in Greater Boston, take a two hour lighthouse tour with Boston Harbor Islands to experience a closer look at a few of the city’s most iconic lighthouses. You’ll see Boston Light on this tour, the first lighthouse in the United States.

Then head down to South of Boston to check out Scituate Lighthouse, a historic landmark located on Cedar Point, and admire this amazing view by the water. Last stop, head down to Somerset to discover Borden Flats Light, one of only two off-shore lighthouses in the world that offer an overnight Keepers’ Program to the public. Make sure you reserve your spot ahead of time to experience an overnight stay at the lighthouse.